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Trade and Export of New & Used Gold Mining Equipment and Gold Prospecting Tools

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Sell your new and used gold mining equipment and other related merchandise on our website!


If you receive money into your account from any buyer referred by us or our site as any payment for your product, you agree to pay us in United States dollars the applicable fee that applies each time a user buy on your Product Ad.
If we sell your product to the buyer and receive the payment from the buyer on our established account, we will transfer the appropriate amount in United States dollars to you as a payment for the product, and withdraw the applicable fee that applies each time a user buy on your Product Ad.

The per purchase fee (which we will determine) will be based on the amount you sell for the applicable Product Ad, consistent with any applicable product category minimums and the Program Policies, as follows:

Sales less than $50,000 - @ 10%,
$50,001 - $100,000 - @ 8%,
$100,001 - $150,000 - @ 6%
$150,001 - $300,000 - @ 4%
$300,001 plus - @ 3%.


To begin the enrollment process, you must complete the account creation process via the Gold-Rus.com Site by contacting directly as follows:

David L. (Larry) Wilmarth
E-mail : larrywilmarth@gci.net
Cell phone: 907-440-2007.
Office phones: 907-345-6500, 928-854-8635.


You will provide (in a format we require or accept and in accordance with applicable Program Policies) accurate, current and complete information for each of your Product Ad, supply the pricing, pictures, verbiage, and any details you want to publish at the site, and will promptly update such information as necessary to ensure it at all times remains accurate, current and complete.

For submitting product information, you need to email it to the both following e-mails: larrywilmarth@gci.net and soloview@gci.net .


If we find the buyer and refer them to you, your agent or representative, then you will deal with the buyer; handle delivery, finance, and all other details of the sale. We will attempt to send to you only qualified, probable buyers.
If we sell your product directly to the Buyer, we will forward all buyer information to you so you can provide the delivery of your product to the buyer.

You agree that using the highest industry standards, you will treat buyers, users and customers who reach you or your website via a Product Ad, or who was referred by us with courtesy and respect during all stages of the buying process and resolve to our satisfaction in a timely and professional manner any related customer service matters we or these users or customers bring to your attention.


Please open Word format files: 
Full Agreement (Plan "A") or
Short Agreement (Plan "B") - for the miner types with less than 5 items to sell 
and read it before contacting us. Once we discuss and agreed on working on your merchandise, please, print, sign each page of this agreement, and send it to us to:

Larry Wilmarth
Surveyors Exchange Co., Inc.
3323 DeArmoun Road
Anchorage, Alaska 99516